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In-Club and Online Behaviour

Panther Gym is committed to providing a safe and positive environment for all Associates, Members, and guests in our Clubs and in our online communities. We expect all who enter our Clubs or engage with our social media channels to be respectful in their language, manner, and tone in all interactions. We will not tolerate bullying, discrimination, intimidation or violence, or any behaviour that creates an unsafe or hostile environment.

Members who fail to live up to these expectations in our Clubs will be subject to disciplinary action, including up to a lifetime ban from all Panther Gym and future Panther Gym locations.

Members exhibiting harmful behaviour on our social media channels may have their comments deleted, be blocked from engaging with our channels and/or be subject to the same disciplinary action as someone in our physical locations.

In-Club Etiquette

· Please use respectful language when speaking with all Members, Staff and Trainers.
· Observe and respect the personal space of other Members.
· Be mindful that other Members may be waiting to use the equipment that you are occupying, and allow fellow Members to work-in between sets. During busy hours, please limit your time on a single cardiovascular machine to 20 minutes.
· When listening to music, please ensure you do so in a way that is not disruptive to other Members, such as out loud or through a Bluetooth speaker.
· Please be respectful of Panther Gym hours and ensure you have enough time to leave the Club at, or prior to, closing time.
· Use of mobile devices and capturing photos/videos is permitted in public areas of the Club but is prohibited in Change Rooms, Showers, Saunas and Steam Rooms. Please see Photo, Video, and Mobile Device Policy below for complete details.
· Only one Member at a time is permitted in a Shower or bathroom stall, with the exception of Members who may require the assistance of a personal support worker or parent/guardian.
· If you see another Member exhibiting inappropriate, dangerous, or disrespectful behaviour, please notify a Panther Gym Associate; do not address the matter directly with other Members to avoid further escalation.

Membership & Account Access

The Panther Gym Member Portal allows Members to manage their account information from wherever they are, using their computer or phone.

In the Panther Gym Member Portal, Members can complete the following actions:
– Update contact information
– Review subscription contract
– Manage membership information

Members with certain Membership types can also use the Member Portal to freeze, unfreeze, or cancel their Membership.

Click here to access the Panther Gym Member Portal.

To log in for the first time, use the email and password that you set at the point of signing up and enter the email associated with your Panther Gym account.

All members are required to check-in with the front end staff, prior to using the facility and engaging in classes, by using the QR code attached to your member profile, or by bringing in valid photo ID.

Membership Privileges

Panther Gym reserves the right, as per the terms of your Membership agreement, to cancel or suspend Memberships, without refund, if a Member displays any of the following behaviours:

A) Failure to follow our rules and regulations, or any breach of the terms of your Membership agreement;
B) Causing a nuisance or disturbance;
C) Committing any illegal or immoral acts;
D) Taking action that may endanger yourself or others.

Photo, Video, and Mobile Device Policy

Please keep the following in mind while capturing a photo or video in the Clubs:

· Photos and videos are permitted in most public areas of the Club; however, they should not capture other Members, Visitors, or Associates unless you have their prior verbal consent.
· Photos, videos, and video streaming are NOT permitted in Change Rooms, Washrooms, Saunas, Showers, or Private Offices.
· It is very important that no Members, Visitors, or Associates are captured in photos or videos without their verbal permission.
· If an Associate, guest or Member’s photography/videography is determined to be a safety concern or disruption, that Associate, Guest or Member can be asked to refrain from photo and video capture at any time, at the discretion of Panther Gym Management.

The following is not permitted at any time:
· No live streaming.
· No virtual coaching.
· No filming for commercial purposes.
· No additional videography equipment may be used, aside from 1 tripod (see more below) and recording device (i.e. no additional lighting, reflective materials, backgrounds, etc.).

One tripod per member may be used for filming, providing Members follow the above rules and the following:
1: The tripod must be clear from walkways and cannot pose a tripping hazard.
2: Members using tripods must allow others to work out in between sets, at which point filming must be paused.

If you are interested in capturing photos or videos for professional purposes, or if you have a media request, please contact the Panther Gym Media Relations team at

Member Drug and Alcohol Use

At Panther Gym, we are committed to providing a safe, drug and alcohol-free environment for the safety of our Members, Visitors, and Associates. The use or sale of controlled substances by any Members, Visitors, or Associates is not tolerated in our facilities.

Anyone violating this policy will be investigated and could face consequences, including the termination of their Membership and potentially criminal prosecution.


All locks at Panther Gym are permitted for day use only. If locks are left on day-use lockers for an extended period of time, a notice will be posted and after a period of 72 hours, the lock will be cut. Panther Gym Associates will do their best to retain the contents of the locker for a period of 48 hours and will endeavour to return the items if the owner is able to be identified. It is important to note that Panther Gym is not responsible for the items left in a locker that is cut open.

Use of lockers is at your own risk and Panther Gym is not liable for any theft of or damage to the items left in lockers; however, theft is a criminal offence and a serious violation of Panther Gym’s Core Values. Any Member or Visitor that is found to have violated the anti-theft policy will be subject to an immediate suspension of their Membership and ban from all future locations, as well as the potential of criminal prosecution.

If you believe that you have been a victim of theft at one of our Clubs, please speak with a Front Desk Associate about filing an incident report. We also strongly advise that Members in this situation report the theft to the police, as law enforcement requires that a claim be filed personally.

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