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At Panther Gym, we are dedicated to creating a safe space for all members to feel welcome, supported, and appreciated. We value not only being a facility where people come to workout but a home for everyone to feel like they belong. Regardless of your fitness level, we have a place for everyone.


In this space, we have incorporated different elements to assist people in achieving their most desired goals. These elements include: a yoga studio, wellness center, smoothie bar, both recreational and competitive boxing classes, cardio equipment, a full functioning weight area, steam room, and full shower amenities. We take pride in educating our clients and ourselves that health involves more than just fitness – it combines a mind, body, and soul component. We want this space to be your one stop shop to feeling the best version of yourself.


Our two big mission statements are: “a safe space for all to achieve a stronger mind, body, and soul,” and “not just another boxing gym.” We truly believe in the idea that we are more than just a gym, we are a family. We take care of each other and help out where we can, and trust in the idea that everyone has a place in our gym. We treat everyone with kindness and respect, and take pride in understanding that everyone has battles they are facing. We are the place you can come to when you are struggling, and will receive support where needed from our staff and highly trained professionals.

What we offer

  • Drop-in passes for all skill levels and ages
  • Group Classes in Boxing, Yoga, and more
  • Competitive Boxing Program (Adult and Youth)
  • Boxing Fundamentals and Advanced Techniques
  • Personal Training, Fitness and Physical Conditioning, and Nutrition Counselling
  • Wellness services like Massage, Chiro, and Acupuncture
  • Leadership, Mentoring, and Motivation
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Our Trainers

If you want to be the best, you have to train with the best. Our trainers have years of professional boxing experience under their belts.


We’re more than just your average boxing gym. Our new facility provides a range of additional amenities for our members to enjoy:

Panther Gym Weight Training



Start your session off with some weight training to build physical strength and conditioning. Our equipment includes a variety of weightlifting machines and free weights that allow boxers to work on their endurance, power, and explosiveness. Work out on your own, or join our daily training classes to help improve punching power, footwork, and overall athleticism.

Boxing Gym - Cardio Equipment



Our cardio area contains a mixture of treadmills, stationary bikes, and ellipticals. Cardio training is a key component of a boxer’s training regimen, as it helps them to maintain their energy levels throughout a fight and recover more quickly between rounds. In the cardio area, boxers can work on their fitness goals in a focused and supportive environment, with access to the equipment they need to take their training to the next level.

Panther Competitive Boxing Classes in Edmonton



We offer a range of daily training classes to provide a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to fitness and health. Our trainers change up their programs each day to help boxers improve their technique, footwork, and conditioning, while also providing a fun and enjoyable workout. Whether you are a full member, or purchasing drop-in passes as you go, everyone is welcome in our training classes.

Change rooms and showers



Change rooms and lockers are an essential part of any boxing gym, providing a secure and private space for boxers to change and store their personal belongings during their workouts. The change room typically contains a row of lockers or cubbies, each assigned to a particular boxer, where they can store their gym bag, clothing, and any other personal items they bring to the gym. We have separate change rooms for men and women, with separate shower and bathroom facilities.

Sauna Room



Steam rooms provide a range of health benefits, including relaxation, detoxification, and improved cardiovascular health. Boxers can use the steam room to help relieve sore muscles and joint pain after a tough workout, or to unwind and de-stress after a long day. The heat can also help to increase blood flow, which can improve cardiovascular health and boost the immune system. Many boxers find that using the steam room regularly helps them to feel more relaxed and energized, and can even help them to sleep better at night. We consider it to be a vital gym facility, providing boxers with a space to unwind and rejuvenate their bodies and minds.

Smoothie Bar



Our in-house smoothie bar provides a convenient and healthy way for boxers to refuel and recover after their workouts. Smoothies made from fresh fruits, vegetables, and protein powder can help to provide a quick and easy source of energy, while also providing important nutrients and vitamins to support overall health and wellness. If that’s not enticing enough, our monthly and yearly gym members also enjoy discounts on smoothies!

Handicap Accessible



Panther Gym is a welcoming and accessible environment for people of all abilities. Our wheelchair elevator provides access to all areas of the gym, including the weight room & cardio room located upstairs, ensuring that everyone can participate in the activities and workouts offered. By offering an inclusive environment, the gym promotes diversity and supports the health and wellness of all members of the community by making it easier for differently abled individuals to engage in physical activity and achieve their fitness goals. Our facility was consciously built to keep accessibility and inclusivity in mind.

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