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Panther Gym is more than just a local boxing gym, it’s a place where a young athlete, a middle-aged business owner, a stay at home mom, a first timer, and a seasoned pro can all feel welcome, comfortable, and challenged to be their best.

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We have boxing gear for rent for drop-in guests and top-of-the-line Panther Gear for purchase, for those that are ready to get serious about their training.


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Steam Room


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Our Trainers

If you want to be the best, you have to train with the best. Our trainers have years of professional boxing experience under their belts.


  • Increased strength & agility
  • Burn fat faster
  • Less stress & more energy
  • Improved mental health
  • Comradery & friendship
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Based on 71 reviews
kenzie swanson
Panther Gym is one of the best gyms I have ever been to. I practically grew up in this space, and have experienced a lot of other gyms, and nothing quite compares to this place. They have definitely upgraded from their old school basement boxing days into a facility out of this world, but they have not forgotten the heart and original energy of the “old” Panther. Not only do they have everything you could possibly imagine - boxing, weights, yoga, steam rooms - but they also have the most inviting and coolest energy. From the people that workout there to the staff and instructors, everyone makes you feel so welcome and apart of their team. This space is like a second home, and you learn so much more than how to be an incredible boxer - you also learn how to be an incredible human. Would highly recommend to absolutely anyone.
S Clay
Just one look into this place and you’ll see the value not to much the people are very friendly.
Thomas khalaf
I came to Panther Gym as my friend Michael works there, (He's awesome btw and everyone agrees.) I was so nervous to go as I had 0 experience in any form of battle, like I've never been in a fight in my life and I assumed everyone would be big and strong and scary. Little did I know, everyone who worked there was already my family. I've never walked into a place where everyone was so happy to see a stranger. But it was so warm and comforting, you can't help but smile and stir up a conversation. From the owners, to the front desk workers. You are all beautiful inside and out. Benny, your words of wisdom and life experience have been helping me out like you could not believe. I can't wait for many more conversations to come. Paul, your classes push me harder than I've ever been pushed and that's quite literally the point so thank you, kindly. Your energy never fails to push the class till failure. I've purchased all of my gear from Panther Gym and I gotta say, it's some pretty darn good gear. If you don't know what you're looking for, you can just ask them and they'll find you your perfect fit for anything. Would I recommend Panther Gym to my friends and family? I already have been. Simple as that, this place is as perfect as it gets.
Arash Goshtasby
Great gym. Benny is super nice, classes are fun and a good weight room to top it off
Matthew Seung Yeob Kim
My day job requires me to travel extensively across Canada and internationally. I always try to find a gym to train at while travelling but Panther's new gym is by far the most well equipped boxing gym I've been to: massage/acupuncture rooms, sauna rooms, dedicated yoga rooms, 2 weight stations, 2 rings, 24 bag/wall mounts, 6 double end bags, smoothie stations, cooking station - and I'm sure I'm missing something. Definitely worth coming by !
Edo Ibrahimovic
Panther gym is the best boxing gym I’ve been to from the owner Benny to the people that go there regularly. No matter what level of boxing this is the gym for you.
arnob mostafiz
Great gym
Ahnaf Ahmad
Owner is amazing. Made me felt welcome for my first time boxing. Amazing atmosphere. Nothing intimidating for a first timer. Again. Owner is amazing.
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