Personal Training

If you are looking for some one-on-one attention, Panther Gym is the home of many qualified and professional fitness, boxing and martial arts trainers. We can tailor-make a program that is specific to your goals. See below for a some of our more popular programs.

Interactive Boxing Coaching

Panther Gym's Interactive Boxing coaching takes personal training to the next level. Our personal trainers will train you just like a pro. You will receive regular focus mitt sessions, customized conditioning program, constant feedback and drills specific to your strengths & weaknesses. This is a fully interactive program where We Work with You - Not Just Watch!

Coached Sparring Program

Learn to fight in a safe and comfortable environment. Panther Gym's Coached Sparring sessions offer a one hour training personal training session with direct focus on the skills and abilities needed to fight effectively. Each session features customized sparring drills, minimum 6 rounds of sparring with a professional and feedback and advice.

Strength & Fitness Program

We can design and tailor-make a fitness program that is specific to your goals. Our trainers can ensure you are performing the exercises correctly and be on-hand to monitor and motivate you.

At Panther Gym, our fitness & strength programs are not like anything you have ever seen before. They incorporate traditional weight lifting with a wide variety of total body boxing drills that will maximize your gains.

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