Our Classes

Group Classes

Panther Gym offers group classes in Boxing, Kickboxing and Karate.  Our classes are Social, Challenging, and Motivating. You work at your own pace, while being a part of a group dynamic that provides a boost to your workout, encouraging you to work harder and push yourself further.

Competitive Boxing Program

Panther Gym offers a Competitive Boxing Program for amateurs who wish to box competitively. Our trainers are experienced coaches who will mentor and train you along your journey. No feeling can parallel that of entering the ring for your first competitive bout. Nerves emerge, crowd noises fade, and all your hard work comes together in an exhilarating experience.

Personal Training

Personal Training at Panther Gym helps you get started, stay motivated, and challenges you to reach your goals. We work with our clients to train for a sport or event, and to reach new levels of fitness and strength. We offer Interactive boxing coaching, coached sparring program, and fitness and strength training.