Nutrition Counseling

Sometimes we need help to make changes to our diet to help us reach our goals. If your goal is to fuel your workouts, shed excess weight, lower cholesterol or blood pressure, boost energy or simply stay healthy as you age, working one-on-one with Cyndie- our certified nutritionist - will give you the tools and support you need to eat healthfully today – and for the long term.

Sports Nutrition 

  • Make informed choices on what you should eat and drink before, during and after your workouts
  • Cyndie can work with you and your personal trainer to develop a meal plan to boost energy levels, prevent hunger and stay hydrated pre and post work-out so you can perform to your maximum potential or to facilitate fitness goal achievements.


Weight Loss Nutrition

  • Establish personalized goals.
  • Cyndie will review your current diet and eating habits and current level of fitness 
  • Develop Meal Plans for easy convenience to help you reach your goals.   
  • You can schedule subsequent consultations to track progress, provide support and ongoing nutrition counselling until your goals have been met


Please get in touch with Cyndie Swanson at to get started